Meet Dr. Kim

Eun H. Kim, D.D.S., P.S.

Supercharge Your Confidence

Dr. Kim is passionate about dentistry. She believes that each and every patient deserves her undivided attention and focus. You truly will feel taken care of after each visit, and experience personal care and attention that you may not have experienced anywhere else.

The core principle of her practice is on a belief  TO DO NO HARM. It sounds so obvious, yet it requires an extensive amount of knowledge and clinical experience to treat each patient with the best treatment that dentistry has to offer. Dr. Kim strongly believes recommending only the necessary treatments for your optimal oral health, and not compromising what can be preserved.

Dr. Kim received her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the prestigious University of Washington School of Dentistry. She is enthusiastic about advancing her technical skills and expanding her knowledge for better patient care. She continues to study and improve her knowledge by attending the most current and innovative classes all over the country.

Dr. Kim is a strong believer of serving and giving back to the community. She is deeply involved with mission works often traveling to developing countries, hoping to make a small difference in people’s lives.

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